Featured Pictures

Featured are landscape photographs from the Mid-Atlantic States and across the country taken by Michael D. McCumber. Pictures added to this site are chosen for their aesthetic, unique, and interesting qualities rather than to ensure coverage of a location or subject.

Subsequently, less than 1% of the pictures I publish to mdmPix.com will be added here.

Casselman River with Laurel Highlands' Fall Foliage
Casselman River with Laurel Highlands' Fall Foliage
  • Mt. Davis Natural Area
    Mount Davis High Tower's Fall Foliage View
  • Cloudcroft, New Mexico
    Storm in Sacramento Mountains at Haynes Canyon Vista
  • Upper Turkeyfoot Township, PA
    Pinkerton Horn Peninsula in Casselman River in Fall
  • Mill Run, PA
    Indian Creek Cascades with Sandstone Rock Formations
  • Ohiopyle State Park, PA
    Youghiogheny Gorge Slope in Spring with Laurel Ridge
  • Connellsville, PA
    Spring Foliage Surrounding Connellsville, PA's Downtown
  • Ohiopyle State Park, PA
    Slopes of Laurel Ridge in Spring from Ohiopyle's Baughman Rock
  • Ohiopyle State Park, PA
    Kentuck Knob Overlook with Spring Foliage
  • Ohiopyle State Park, PA
    Spring in the Laurel Highlands at Ohiopyle
  • Las Cruces, New Mexico
    Organ Mountains Turned Maroon at Sunset
  • Dunbar Township, PA
    Erratic Blue Limestone Rock in Youghiogheny River
  • White Sands National Monument, NM
    After Sunset at White Sands National Monument
  • Ohiopyle State Park, PA
    Ferncliff Peninsula's Autumn Color at Ohiopyle State Park
  • Dunbar Township, PA
    Youghiogheny River and Sandstone Rocks in Fall
  • Dunbar Township, PA
    Dunbar Creek and Black Sandstone Rocks
  • Las Cruces, NM
    The Rabbit Ears Peak of the Organ Mountains
  • Las Cruces, NM
    Organ Needle Peak; the Organ Mountains' Highest
  • Las Cruces, NM
    Alligator Juniper with Dripping Springs Trail at Organ Mountains
  • Pittsburgh, PA
    Golden Triangle of Pittsburgh with Christmas Lights
  • Ohiopyle State Park, PA
    Tharp Knob's View of Youghiogheny Gorge Fog
  • Dunbar Township, PA
    Youghiogheny River Rocks with Chestnut Ridge Fall Foliage
  • Tonto Basin, AZ
    First Water Canyon above Salt River Valley
  • Pittsburgh, PA
    Pittsburgh Skyline from North Shore Trail in Morning
  • Ohiopyle State Park, PA
    Youghiogheny River's Entrance Rapid in Early Autumn
  • Ohiopyle State Park, PA
    Fog Trapped in Youghiogheny River Gorge at Sunrise
  • Sierra Ancha Experimental Forest, AZ
    Parker Canyon's View of Roosevelt Lake
  • Ohiopyle State Park, PA
    Laurel Ridge Slopes with May Spring Foliage
  • Sierra Ancha Experimental Forest, AZ
    Red Dirt Road Heading Toward Parker Canyon
  • Monongahela National Forest
    Distant Allegheny Front from North Fork Mountain Cliffs
  • San Tan Mountain Regional Park, AZ
    San Tan Mountains at Sunset
  • South Connellsville, PA
    Cherry Tree Blossoms with Yellow Blurred Forsythia Bush
  • Sierra Ancha Experimental Forest, AZ
    Armer Mountain from Parker Creek Canyon's Edge
  • Toledo, OH
    Toledo Botanical Garden Stone Wall with Spring Color
  • Tonto National Forest
    Painted Cliffs above Rough Apache Lake Waters
  • Letchworth State Park, NY
    Hot Air Balloon and Mists of Genesee River's Middle Falls
  • Jerome, AZ
    Descent into Verde Valley from Mingus Mountain
  • Sierra Ancha Experimental Forest, AZ
    Four Peaks Mountain from Lower Sierra Ancha Range
  • Prescott, AZ
    Granite Dells Surround Prescott's Watson Lake
  • Cabins, WV
    Trees Dwarfed by Falcon Cliff on North Fork Mountain
  • Ohiopyle State Park, PA
    Laurel Ridge's Fall Foliage and the Youghiogheny River